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Our team consists of certified information security technicians (CISA, CISSP, OSCP, OSWP, OSCE, Security+ and others).

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Pure Cybersecurity and Managed Security Services.

We offer pen testing services tailored to your needs. Choose one or several types of help down below:

Real life Penetration Test (Pen Testing)


Many buzzwords can be associated with penetration testing including ethical hacking; tiger teaming; vulnerability analysis; and security testing, assessment or assurance.

But the goals are to evaluate the level of security of a system by exploring possibilities of gaining access or control over critical systems and data that would impose the threat of losing financial assets or critical data.

Penetration test is an imitation of actions of a malicious user or an attack on a computer system, web application, API or network infrastructure.

zerOxImpact penetration testing services focus on real security and compliance problems. If our penetration test service uncovers a vulnerability, then we deep dive for more information. We make sure we understand your business and your operational environment. So that when we find irregularities we know whether they matter to you.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing


zerOxImpact mobile app penetration testing provides a holistic security analysis of smartphone and tablet-based applications. A well-balanced combination of automated and manual penetration testing helps achieve the most accurate assessment compared to other penetration testing companies.

Our penetration testers do 360° application security assessment, identify vulnerabilities in client-side and server-side environment. We help organizations adopt or adapt a high quality secure coding standard

Secure Source Code Review


Secure Source Code Review service by zerOxImpact is an in-depth analysis of the application’s source code using recognized methodologies, techniques, and tools.

By manual verification of the source code, we validate the application’s security controls, remove common vulnerabilities, highlight security design issues, and provides a remediation plan to the software development team.

Secure Source Code is a way of helping ensure that the application has been developed to be “self-defending” in its given environment.

Blockchain Security


Blockchain Audit
By providing Smart Contract Audit zerOxImpact provides a holistic security analysis of solidity code, our audit includes automatic and manual tests.

Automatic audit aims to find commonly encountered security vulnerabilities; manual test outlines efficiency, functional, and optimization improvements.

A smart contract audit is basically the same as a conventional code audit: it aims at finding security vulnerabilities before the code is deployed. Over/Underflows, Reentrancy, and Front Running are among the most widespread smart contract vulnerabilities.

Our experience covers Ethereum, EOS, Tron Blockchain protocols and delivered project count more than 100+

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zerOxImpact is a leading cybersecurity and managed security services provider that helps businesses protect data and eliminate security operations risk. Offering a comprehensive portfolio of managed security services, consulting and professional services. zerOxImpact helps businesses embrace digital transformation securely. zerOxImpact is a global security company with customers in 50+ countries.

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