Red Teaming

What is a Red Teaming?

Red Teaming is a full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation designed to measure how well a company’s people and networks can withstand an attack from a real-life adversary. 

Are you ready for a real-world challenge?

Measure how well your people, processes, and technologies can withstand a real-life attack. Through our goal-based adversarial testing process, our red team experts seek to compromise your organization’s most valued assets with a mixture of (but not limited to) application and network penetration testing, role-based social engineering, and client-side attacks.

Our Red Team models how hackers might attack a system and the way that system would be under fire. After a Red Teaming exercise, you will have a far better understanding of your organization’s security posture because it relates to specific threat actors attacking a group of defined assets, and you’ll know where is a gap in your security landscape.

We seek out exploitable security holes

Our Red Team identifies exploitable security holes across an organization’s attack surface. Employing a sort of attack vectors by chaining together seemingly separate or cross-domain vulnerabilities. This includes relationships between systems, software, and other people. Some areas of risk we may search for are:

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Primary Account Numbers (PAN) on employee workstations
  • Unmasked sensitive data in log files
  • Credentials in source code

Red Team Operations are recommended for:

  • To test detection and response capabilities of your blue team. Security teams prepare for real-world incidents, but you need to confirm that they can respond adequately — without real risk.
  • Raise awareness and show impact. Our red team behaves like a real-world hackers, working compromise your environment from the Internet.
  • Red team engagements can help justify security budgets and identify gaps that require top skills from attackers.

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What is a Red Teaming Methodology?

We simulate real-world targeted attacks

Our attack process chains together, seemingly separate vulnerabilities for a holistic view of your applications, networks, and team behaviors. Each Red Teaming exercise consists of seven essential steps:

Goal setting &


You’ll determine the precise goal/assets you would like we focus on. Once the objectives are set, red team starts by conducting initial reconnaissance. Our team leverages a mixture of proprietary intelligence repositories also as open-source intelligence (OSINT) tools and techniques.

We perform web application penetration testing and network penetration testing to find vulnerabilities to realize initial access to the target environment. In parallel red team uses common manipulation techniques like email phishing to seek out “human vulnerabilities”—people who unknowingly reveal confidential company information.

Penetration testing &

Social engineering

Exploit &

Escalate privilege

Our Red Team gains access inside the network through one among the vulnerabilities they discover. this might include physical facility exploitation and/or business process tampering. An example of this is often “tailgating” or posing as employees or contractors to realize access to a physical workplace. Once access is obtained, the red team attempts to escalate privileges to determine, and maintain persistence within the environment by deploying a resilient C2 (command and control) infrastructure.

Our Red Team accesses sensitive corporate assets. After persistence and C2 systems are established within the environment, the red team attempts to accomplish its objectives through any non-disruptive means necessary.


At the top of every assessment, we’ll conduct a live read-out with the acceptable organization stakeholders to review each vulnerability identified within the evaluation, answer any questions that the team may need around each vulnerability, and discuss mitigation/remediation strategies.

Remediation & Reporting

with a detailed analysis &

threat report


Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Red Team engagment.

Targeted Assessments for Mature Security Teams

Red Team Engagements are highly professional security assessments that aim to compromise critical data assets in your network, leveraging the vast scope an external attacker would have. Unlike a standard penetration test, during which our security engineers plan to find and exploit any possible vulnerabilities during a defined scope — like an internet application — these engagements simulate a real cyber-attack on your organization.

What is Red Team Engagement?

Red Team Engagements are an efficient demonstration of tangible risk posed by an APT (Advanced Persistent Threat). The assessors are instructed to compromise predetermined assets, or “flags,” using means a malicious actor might utilize during a legitimate attack. These comprehensive, complex security assessments are best fitted to companies looking to enhance a maturing security organization.

Why are Red Team Engagements Important?

By harnessing this unique combination of attack capabilities, we will determine the attack process to compromising your critical business assets. we will discover where vulnerabilities exist in your network, applications, IoT devices, and personnel. we will also determine the effectiveness of your security monitoring and alerting capabilities, also as weaknesses in your incident response policy and procedures.

The demonstrated impact from the testing paints a way larger picture which will aid your organization within the prioritization and planning of your future security initiatives.